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Here are some of our customer testimonials for your reference.


"For a decade as a seasonal business we resisted taking credit cards as payment. Royal Technologies has made the transition into taking credit cards easy and trouble free and the cost is way less than we had thought it would be."

Steamboat Landing, Naples, Maine



Hey Alex,

"Thank you for your above and beyond service to assist in getting setup with a new merchant account for our membership billing. Not only was it easy for my team to implement the initial setup, the recurring transaction with the customer vault was perfect for us.

I would like to share with others that may read this... Alex is your go to guy. He was actually on a trip in Vegas while assisting us. He took everyone of my calls and/or called me right back. Not only that, I sent the wrong information into the merchant provider on a Saturday and within 5 minutes Alex had caught it, called me, and we had it fix instantly."

Thank you again Alex.

Jamie Ohler



"I am writing you to let you know how absolutely impressed I am by RoyAl Technology Management. They implemented our server seamlessly and with no downtime.  The follow-up tech support is outstanding. They are a very professional service run by a very knowledgeable person who really cares about making a difference for their clients. I only wish all that all companies would have the knowledge and dedication that Royal Technology Management has."
Shelley P. Carter, Esq.
Law Office of Shelley P. Carter, P.A.



“The Nerve is a web development and design company with over 12 years experience in this field. Alex Roy of RoyAl Technology Management has provided The Nerve with a wide variety services including web hosting, computer hardware maintenance and PHP programming. These services have always been performed with the utmost precision, diligence and speed.

As web developers, our company relies on knowledgeable and efficient tech support, not only for ourselves but for our customer base. We feel extremely comfortable in knowing that we always have the constant support behind us that Royal Technology Management provide. In fact, since using their services, the content and capabilities of our own company have improved and expanded.

As an individual, I hold Alex in the highest regard. He is knowledgeable, punctual, efficient and his integrity is unmatched. Furthermore, I would recommend Royal Technology Management for any business that require detailed and technological elements combined with efficient results.”

Paul J. Davies



“RoyAl Technology Management have taken great care of our account and been very timely and capable in all our technical requests. They have been very patient with us even when it was an issue we should have handled ourselves. TOP NOTCH from start to finish. We have been very pleased with your services. You never cease to amaze me! The responses have been so great; you have been very patient with our questions. In addition, the problem always solved. We've referred you already to all other business contacts.”

Hawthorne Community Association, Raymond, Maine



"Several months ago, for the first time, I instituted an online payment system for my business beyond Paypal and personal checks. I had little experience with this world and was nervous about all the possible risks and decisions relating to credit card payments and eChecks. A business associate referred me to a merchant account agent, Alex Roy, at PowerPay. Not only have I never had cause to regret that decision but many, many times I’ve felt distinctly grateful for the support I’ve received as I’ve taken my business into the world of online payments.

Alex has consistently gone above and beyond in helping us set up our system from explaining the intricacies of using a merchant account to setting up our shopping cart to work with the system we chose. I’ve felt free to ask for his help and his advice and his responses have been consistently prompt, friendly, professional and knowledgeable – even when my questions displayed my ignorance. When new services or changes are announced in our payment processing, Alex is available to help me evaluate whether they will make a difference for our business. What started as a huge sector of concern and worry amongst all the other troubles of starting a business quickly became my area of greatest confidence because of Alex’s involvement. It is like having an additional member on the team that I know I can count on."

John Van Fossen


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