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RoyAl Technology Management’s network spans 11 data centers and features massive reliability and connectivity to the Internet. As data retention and security in businesses becomes not only critical but legally required for government compliance, we offer you an affordable solution.

RoyAl Technology Management uses AhSay backup system as the mechanism to drive the offsite backup platform. Our storage is massively redundant and features:

· Included in one easy to use backup agent, you get great features like custom backup schedules, backup sets, and restoring points.

· Data is kept in many different geographic locations, so you know you can always retrieve it.

· Multi-data center replication with the front-end server used for file backups from the agent, SAN storage device replicating the front-end server backups and a separate off-site replication server in another geographically redundant data center.

· Backup agent features backup functionality for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Windows Shadow Copy, Windows Servers, Linux, Novell, Solaris Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange mailbox level backups.

· Delta-based backup technology only replicates actual changes instead of full files, saving you time and bandwidth.

· Open file backup using Volume Shadow Copy technology can perform backups while the system is live and files are in use.

· Secure data storage and secure web interface gives you the peace of mind knowing that data is encrypted while being transferred to our backup servers and encrypted on our backup servers.

Off-site backup is priced at a monthly fee of $24.95 for 10 GB of storage. A $20.00 additional a month for every extra 10 GB of storage. All bandwidth costs are included in this monthly fee. All prices are all-inclusive. In addition, a $50.00 setup includes an on-site install of the software.

To learn more about our off-site backup, visit our FAQ Section on Off-Site Backups.


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