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Easy Payment Solutions is a Complete Technology Solution. We offer superior, reliable and affordable Credit Card Merchant Services for all your business needs. We recognize that one payment solution does not fit all industries. We customize credit card merchant services to meet the specific requirements of your business from start-up to success, regardless of industry or size. Experience working with companies in a variety of industries has allowed us to develop specific solutions to meet the unique needs of these businesses.

We deliver payment solutions and products to help grow your business. Our credit card merchant services will allow you to accept all major credit cards and debit cards, even EBT, with no contract. Getting credit card merchant services with us is fast and affordable. Funds will be deposited into your account within 48 hours, reducing risk and enhancing your ability to manage your cash flow.

Paying too much for your credit card merchant services? Our goal is to help businesses reduce expenses and improve efficiencies. Here is what you get with us:

- No Monthly Fees
- No Yearly Fee
- No Minimum Required
- No AVS
- No Statement Fees
- No Batch Fees

That’s right! No unnecessary fees AND get low cost Interchange pricing.

Everything you need for your credit card merchant services:

Start accepting credit cards globally anytime, anywhere.
Fast, online signup. Non-variable rates. Flexible credit card merchant services. Toll-free support.

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If you have any question about credit card merchant services or want to signup please feel free to Contact Us Or Call us at 207-221-5198.

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