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Computer RepairRoyAl Technology Management provides IBM computer repairs. We look forward to servicing Macs in the near future. We support both Laptops and Desktops. We have been repairing, upgrading and servicing computers here in Maine for over the past 5 years, we have seen it all, so don't worry we can fix your problem.

We troubleshoot, diagnose, build, service, network, maintain and repair all IBM and compatible PC Hardware & Software (DELL, HP, Compaq, IBM, Sony, Acer, Gateway, Toshiba, etc.). 

We will be willing to fix any computer problems either in our office or in onsite. We will respond promptly and we’ll have you back in working order either the same day or the next day in most cases, because we know how important it is for you to have your PC running.

Do you have one of the following computer or network problems?

- Your computer just crashed or displaying error messages
- You can not access the internet or email anymore
- You need a larger hard drive or more memory or
- You think your computer has a virus, spyware or you just can not use it at all because  of pop-ups
- You want to setup or troubleshoot a home network (wired or wireless)
- You need somebody to help you setup your new computer or software

If so, RoyAl Technology Management is your one-source solution for all your computer repairs.

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If you have any question about computer repairs or want to signup please feel free to Contact Us Or Call us at 207-221-5198.

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